AoO Comments

I was advised of an idea, Let me know what you think, Especially the Geo Commanders. This idea will go into effect only after we have had the chance to discuss this. Some time ago, I brought up a proposal that only a couple of chapters that I am fully aware of have adopted. Now… Read more

The Federation News

Recently and still in development, The Federation has engaged in a new location for Members, Chapter Commands and Geo Commands to collaborate with each other. The look of this new location is very familiar as we are utilizing a newly developed area for Business’s and other organizations to communicate among each other and not be… Read more

Welcome Introduction

Hello, I am Admiral Allen Hohensee. I am currently holding the position of Admiral of Operations, I have been placed in charge of all the Geo’s and each Geo Commander is in charge of Their chapters located in each Geo. We have recently gone through a re-positioning of our Geo Locations so please keep in… Read more