From Fleet HQ:

There will be a letter in the next few hours or days, to all Chapter C.O.’s and X.O.’s speaking of the importance of the monthly reports. It is now the most important time for each of your jobs that you encourage reports as well as getting the chapters to help out for all those affected in Geo Central and Geo East. We have also have although no reports of problems a major storm that hit Geo International. It is very important for each chapter that can help out to activate any members they may have for the D.R.U. teams. Start doing what they can to gather up supplies or even funds to help with relief efforts. Commodore Randolph Allen is our Disaster Relief Unit Director, so please feel free to contact him to see what might be needed for assistance at this time.

You are all our Geo Commanders and your jobs are very important, as being a part of our Council you are also our eyes and ears from the chapters. Let’s see what we can to do step up our efforts.