Chief of Staff News

Attention all Chapter Command Staffs!

Effective 8/1/2018 the Admiralty has started condensing down the ‘approved’ ranks in IFT. We are eliminating the list from 125 ranks down to 42 (95 with grades if the chapter so chooses to use them). This really won’t affect any current chapter members. Of the list of ranks we are removing, we only have 6 ‘active’ members whos having to have their ranks changed.

The Chapter Commander that had members in an ‘old’ rank, has already issuedย the promotions to his 2 members. The other 4 members are all ranked as Vice Fleet Admiral, and we are working with Russ to discuss what will happen with the 5 members who have obtained this rank (myself included) in IFT history. Once this discussion is completed, the members will be contacted.

This is being done to make it a bit easier for our chapters to know the ranks, easier for the web team to create a new online experience for you and your chapter, and streamlining the ranks to removed ranks that just haven’t been used in years.

If you have any questions, please contact myself, Flt Admiral Russ Haslage, Admiral Allen Hohensee, or Vice Admiral Carl W Baber III

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