AoO Comments

I was advised of an idea, Let me know what you think, Especially the Geo Commanders.

This idea will go into effect only after we have had the chance to discuss this.

Some time ago, I brought up a proposal that only a couple of chapters that I am fully aware of have adopted. Now granted this idea only works with chapters with several active members, and does not work for the smaller chapters with only a handful of active members.

Chapter/Geo Promotions;

Promotions within a chapter are usually handled as such. Great team work, dedication to the chapter, points earned toward your next promotion and more. This, as I am aware, is up to each chapter. What my thoughts were to have a 2 person authentication for this, what do I mean? Well fairly simple. On any promotion within the said chapter, the Commanding Officer and First Officer have to provide endorsement towards the individual’s promotion. This is for department heads and command level officers. If the officer/enlisted is being promoted with in the department, then if falls to the Department Commanding Officer and the First Officer to provide the OK on the advancement. Leaving the Captain with the absolute final say. This only works from Deckhand to Master Chief Petty Officers, Ensign to Senior Commanders.

Geo Level:

The 2 step promotion needs to have the OK from the chapter Commanding Officer and either First Officer of the Geo (If present) Commanding Officer of the Geo, giving the agreement process of said promotion, then this is passed up the chain of command to myself, (Admiral of Operations) and the Chief of Staff. to grant promotion to Senior Commanders/Captain/Fleet Captain and higher.

Anyone that is getting a promotion of above Fleet Captain requires a 3 person review. Whom are they, Admiral Of Operations, Chief of Staff and Fleet Admiral? This must be a 2 out of 3 or all three to be able to grant a promotion. The final yes always is in the hands of the Fleet Admiral.


Now onto the last idea.

After a conversation with another member (You know who you are) It has seen and this has been something that has bothered me. Effective as soon as possible, All Geo Commanders will be required to step up there involvement. What do I mean?

Any new chapter that is added to our fleet is givin’ a roughly 6 month grace period, this is mostly for providing a monthly report and to learn our procedures. Granted this is not a hard process, as we usually let each chapter function how they need to depend on their areas.

Geo Commanders will be in command of new chapters for half of the time of the 6 month grace period. This is to help the new chapter commander understand how we would like them to work with the IFT. How we do report each month and why help with understanding what should be done in the chapter and how if needed to handle promotions. After the 3 months, the new CO of the chapter gains full command of their chapter and you as a Geo Commander then step back to allow them to continue the process and still remain a helping hand. This is something Geo Commanders should be doing as it is. More than just saying yes or no on if a chapter has reported for that month or not.

I am open for comments. Let me know what you think. or