Welcome Introduction

10357598_10207090375757213_1073960946714607101_nHello, I am Admiral Allen Hohensee. I am currently holding the position of Admiral of Operations, I have been placed in charge of all the Geo’s and each Geo Commander is in charge of Their chapters located in each Geo. We have recently gone through a re-positioning of our Geo Locations so please keep in mind that your chapter might not be in the same Geo as it once was. Below I will be putting up our new Geo Locations. I have also placed a couple of Tabs above that allows you the member to see what chapters are located where and their corresponding Geo Location Commanders and Chapter Commanders. We have also expanded our email system and now we have a dedicated email for each chapter to be able to get in touch in case you have a few questions. Please feel free to look around, if you have any questions. I have a Contact Tab above that sends an email straight to me.

Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, created a utopic world that promotes unity and acceptance of all walks of life. He introduced us to this world through the experiences of James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Montgomery Scott, and Nyota Uhura; just to name a few. Since the original launch of Star Trek until the 2009 re-launch by J.J. Abrams the fan base for this universe has grown to encompass most of the world; certainly every place that Star Trek can be viewed. The founders of the International Federation of Trekkers aspire to promote that same utopic community in modern society.

Thank you,

Allen Hohensee
Admiral of Operations
International Federation of Trekkers
‘The Federation’